For help with a Paradox Customs purchased PC or Part, please follow the steps below to get in touch with our support team.

For help with a non Paradox Purchased PC or Part, You can book a timeslot below and get a paid one-on-one with one of our support team members!


All PCs come standard with a 1 year Labor and Parts Warranty. Our 1 Year Warranty comes with full protection to any damages that may happen from shipping, and during the first year.

Please email with any issues regarding your build.

Please be able to provide your proof of purchase. This is typically your Stripe Invoice Number.

Upon receiving your request for support, we may respond with a booking link via Calendly to get on a call with our Support Specialist.

If the issue is not fixable, we will issue a return shipping label for you to ship the PC/Part back to us. If it’s within 30 days of delivery, we will cover the cost of return shipping. If it is not, we will provide the Label for return, and bill you for the label before we ship the PC back out to you.

We will always cover the cost of shipping the PC back to you.

Once the item is received, our team will repair/replace the PC and ship the item back to the customer.


We will be updating this page with numerous Troubleshooting Steps Post-Launch. 

Installation Videos

Graphics Card Installation

Internet Installation

Troubleshooting Videos

RAM Troubleshooting

CPU Troubleshooting

CPU Troubleshooting is the next addition to the Paradox Customs support page, and will be coming soon!