We have recently launched our Discord server with over 2,000+ members! Thank you all for joining. To join, go to Discord. You can access the latest game settings, share your builds and find other PC gamers to group up with.

We added the ability to order a custom painted GPU through our website, Builder . You can now order your GPU and get it painted any color you would like for the fully custom look.


To start, we have made an entire video clearing up misconceptions about Paradox Customs which you can watch here: Youtube Channel.

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Where is Paradox Customs located?

We are in Long Island, NY. More specifically our address is 44 W Jefryn Blvd Unit H, Deer Park NY, 11729. If you live on Long Island or the surrounding area, consider choosing local pickup when purchasing your PC.

I was told my PC would take X weeks and it still hasn't arrived, what happened?

The timeframe we give our customers is an estimate for how long your PC should take to arrive. If it is taking longer this is likely due to part shortages or if the team needed to turn their focus to an event such as a convention or eSports tournament.

How do I install my GPU?

We do not ship our PC’s with the GPU installed. The reason we do this is to keep your PC safe during shipping. We have our own videos you can watch if you need help getting your PC setup, just follow the steps and your PC will be all ready to go! Even if your case is not the same, you can still follow along.

GPU Installation: [Thermaltake Core P6]

Thermaltake Youtube Installation

Vertical mount GPU Installation: [HYTE Y60]

Hyte Y60 Youtube Installation

I purchased my computer, how can I receive updates?
You can receive updates on the email thread that was created after your purchase through our website.
Are there any discount codes available for when I purchase my PC?

Yes, many of our partners have discount codes, you can visit our partners page Partners Page and use their discount code at checkout.

Who is partnered with Paradox Customs and how can I become a partner?

You can see all of our partners at Partners Page and there is a partner application form at the bottom of the page.

Can I get a custom design on my PC?

Of course! We offer a custom GPU painting service, customs case panels, and custom glass etching. You can see these options on our custom builder or ask for more details through our communication platforms (Twitter, email, etc.).

Do you optimize computers?

Yes, if you purchase a PC from us we pre-optimize each PC before shipping. If you did not order a PC from us but still want to get optimized, you can schedule one here: optimizations

I did not purchase from Paradox Customs, can I still receive support?
If you need support but did not purchase a PC from us, or your warranty has ended, you can schedule paid support through our website paid support
What is the difference between “Prebuilts” and “Build” on the website?
Prebuilt’s are pre-configured lists by the Paradox Custom team. You can still edit the case color, but other options are predetermined. The “Build” option allows you to fully customize the PC, from the CPU to fans, storage, and more.
Will a “Prebuilt” PC ship instantly?

“Prebuilt” on our website refers to pre-configured build specifications setup by the Paradox team. The prebuilt computers still need to be assembled by our team and will follow the same wait time as custom-built options.

Does Paradox Customs ship internationally?
Yes! We will ship to any country. If you have concerns about us not being able to ship from the U.S. to your country, please reach out to us!
I ordered a ready-to-ship PC, when will it ship?

All of the “Steals and Deals” and other ready-to-ship PCs will be shipped within 48 hours of purchase.

Additional INformation:


Please reach out to us through the platform you have existing communication with us on. If you do not have that platform available to you, the best way to reach us is via Twitter or support@brparadox.com