READY TO SHIP – Intel i5-11600K, MSI Z590 PRO WIFI, SEASONIC GM-750, AMD RX 6600XT 8GB



Part Price
Intel i5-11600K 6 Core Processor $120.00
Intel MSI Z590 PRO WIFI Motherboard $120.00
NZXT X53 RGB 240MM Liquid Cooler $90.00
TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta 16GB RGB RAM 3200MHz CL16 $60.00
1TB NVME SSD $60.00
AMD RX 6600XT 8GB $200.00
NZXT H510 Case $80.00
SEASONIC GM 750W Power Supply $80.00
Windows 10 Pro $25.00
Labor (Free Optimization and 3 Month Warranty) $100.00
Total $935.00

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